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Keep a notebook and a pen handy. It’s your journal, your diary, your goal map. Write by hand in it every day at the same time everything you are thinking, dreaming, feeling, goals, plans, things good and bad. Typing is faster but writing by long hand is far more powerful. Try it.

Fondements de la comptabilité : principes, normes, plan comptable
Opérations courantes – TVA
Opérations de trésorerie, d’inventaire
Documents de synthèse (bilan, compte de résultat)
Tel+223 66 39 38 52 /76 93 92 42 / 90 78 14 06 / 50 24 58 66
Heures de Cours 10H12-14H16-16H18-18H20-20H22
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‎Every blessing in your life is from Allah. Appreciate what you have.